The game was updated to version 0.6

The game was updated to version 0.6

The version for was updated, too.


1) 14 new animations (new animations for new Aphrodisiac enhancement and Ming x Kira decoy device);

2) 5 new enhancements;

3) Ming x Kira decoy device;

4) Pregnancy mechanics for some enemies and portraits of main heroines with inflated bellies for in-game cutscenes. It works only if you have the "Belly inflation" option turned on in Settings;

5) Mission 1 is available for replay;

Fixed bugs/improvements:

1) Ability to turn off fall damage in Settings;

2) New game difficulty and new struggle mode difficulty in Settings;

3) The player can persuade all other crewmates to participate in the HoloJack game under certain conditions (if the character has a good relationship with a player, which means having affection above 55 or completed invitation of Riley to VR sessions). You can choose male and female players in HoloJack dialogue;

4) Veteran's Hall wasn't used by anyone, so it was removed and re-purposed as Kira's private cabin in Command Center;

5) HoloJack mini-game gives a random bonus from +1 to +5 Lust instead of +1 Lust bonus in the previous version of the game;

6) Fat Thugs, Flying Female Thugs, PST Troopers, and PST Enforcers can be stunned from above in some cases;

7) Fixed the bug when Upgraded Sprint influenced the speed of movement when using pipes. Fast Walking enhancement affects this speed instead;

8) Fixed a bug with a critical error when hacking mini-game is activated;

9) Fixed a bug with sorting of enhancements in a grid view;

10) The option to turn on slower sex animation framerate was added into Settings. It can be useful for some people that find current animations being too short or fast;

11) Additional rock platform meshes were added into stages 3, 3.1 and 3.2 for better gameplay. Occlusion culling data were baked for all levels to improve performance;

12) Fixed a bug when the scenes with Ouranos are not unlocked in the gallery after completing her mission;

13) Fixed sorting issues of cum particles in some animations.

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Are you planning on adding any attack dogs/wolves into this by chance in the future updates?

Is this the public version as well?